The memory of home holds a different meaning for everyone. Whether it is a new beginning, bittersweet ending, or cherished times in between there are moments and lasting memories that can happen within the home.

If you are buying a new home, selling your home, or renovating your current property, there are also many moments that make up the memories of the home buying, selling, and renovating process.

With the current market, for buyers, it is important to plan ahead and stay within a budget. Although home prices are rising, it is anticipated that it will be at a slower rate than last year. If you are selling, repairing, or renovating, plan ahead for upgrades and repairs because of the supply and labor shortage delays.

As purchases, sales, and renovations are made, it is inevitable that many people will make up for lost time when it comes to gathering with those who are near and dear. From key moments like a birthday, anniversary, graduation, the holidays, or a just because gathering, there is nothing like heartfelt fun with loved ones.

Between home buying, renovations, and selling there is an important element to keep in mind, insurance. Specifically, property and casualty insurance or P&C insurance.

This type of insurance protects the homeowner if there is an unexpected accident or injury on the property. It also protects the home from vandalism or a weather-related incident. Bottom line, P&C covers liability and property protection of your assets.

Imagine this, you are doing some repairs on the house to prepare for some memorable gatherings with your loved ones. If someone working on the property gets hurt and can’t work because of the injury, P&C insurance will cover the legal fees, medical insurance, and more. You will be protected, and the worker will get the care that is needed. It’s a win for all involved!

Your property is in an investment and your home and family should be fully protected. At AssuredCHOICE we have insurance plans to meet your specific needs so your home and family will be safe and secure. We can explain the full scope of P&C insurance coverage.

Let us keep you protected while you enjoy living life to the fullest. Contact us a free quote.