Umbrella Insurance

When it rains, it pours … especially when it comes to unexpected accidents or claims.

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When it rains, it pours … especially when it comes to unexpected accidents or claims.

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Umbrella Insurance

What is umbrella insurance? 

You never know when it might rain. So, just like the name implies, this type of policy acts like an umbrella, providing protection against a wide range of potential financial dangers and unforeseeable mishaps. 

Yes, your existing insurance may offer some protection. But an umbrella policy goes much further and costs less than raising the limits on your existing insurance because an umbrella policy covers different types of risks. In most cases, umbrella insurance is also portable, so it can follow you when and wherever you travel. 

Since the terms of umbrella insurance policies will vary, depending on insurance companies and your own personal needs, a licensed insurance agent from our firm can be the best person to talk to about the benefits, restrictions and coverage from each carrier they represent. 

Are umbrella policies expensive? 

Relative to the amount of protection you get, umbrella insurance is highly affordable, especially since it’s unlikely you will ever have to make a claim against it. Your specific cost will be determined by: 

  • The amount of coverage you purchase 
  • Your insurance carrier’s provisions 
  • Your risk profile and driving record 

Who needs umbrella insurance? Anyone with a job, who expects to keep the income they earn, could benefit from having an umbrella insurance policy. Umbrella insurance covers the amount that exceeds your homeowners coverage, starting at $1 million coverage, sparing you from a financial nightmare, along with paying an attorney to help you survive it. 

What is covered by umbrella insurance? 

In most cases, umbrella insurance protects you from: 

  • Injuries you cause in a car accident 
  • Injuries someone suffers on your property 
  • Property damages you cause in an accident 
  • Property damages your pet causes 
  • Property damages a dependent or child causes
  • Attorney fees and other legal costs 

Umbrella insurance does not cover your own medical expenses or losses to your property.  

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